Our Services

Kidney Transplantation

Removal of the kidney stone by leakage(PCNL)

Without incising the abdomen renal stones can be extracted(ESWL)

When prostate gland enlarges both in size and mass in male, TURP can be done.

Tumors of urinary bladder can be extracted by TURBT

When there is stricture in urethra OIU can be done to overcome it

Kidney cancer can be treated by Radical Nephrectomy

Partial Nephrectomy is the treatment of choice partial renal cancer

Congenital presence of testis in the abdomen can be placed back into the scrotum by Orchidopexy

ICU service with reasonable price

USG Guided kidney biopsy

Permanent Catheter

Kidney dialysis at the cheapest price

Good services for Diabetic & High blood presser patients

Laser Lithotripsy at the lowest price

Ultrasonogram, Digital X-ray, Uroflowmetry test, Kidney stone analysis, all kinds of pathology facilities etc.

Removing stone from Kidney, urethra & urinary bladder

Our Success in Treatment

Kidney Transplantation 900 (approximate), Success ratio 94%

Removal of the kidney stone by leakage, Success ratio 99%

Kidney stone crash 6000 (approximate), Success ratio 99%

URS+ICPL are the treatment of choice for extracting ureteric stones, Success ratio 100%(approximate)

Bladder stones can be extracted by Cystolitholapaxy

Renal failure patients requiring dialysis can enjoy such procedure at reasonable price, 12000+ patients (approx.) dialysis last year

FRCS, FCPS, MS, MD and over 20 years experienced doctors are available here


Success in Treatment

Kidney transplanted patient has given birth a baby in Bangl...


Remove kidney stone from 2 years baby in CKDU hospital...



About Us

Centre for Kidney Diseases and Urology Hospital is a specialized hospital that deals with both Nephrology and Urology related disorders. It launched it's journey in 2014. Besides treatment of Urology and Nephrology related disorders there is facilities for doing dialysis and renal transplantation for renal failure patients at reasonably cheap price. Chief Transplant Surgeon performs operation without any honorium once in a week. Total expenditure a patient incurs for renal transplant in our hospital is 2, 00,000/- (Operation charge+ Medicine cost +KT ICU charge). It is not only reasonably cheap than any of the corporate hospitals in Bangladesh but also than that of the neighboring countries. We assume that by cutting the cost of transplant expenditure for a patient we are saving 8-10 lac taka. Last year (2019) we performed 121 transplants here at CKDU. We have a success rate of 94% (1st year graft survival rate 94%). Among the 121 transplant patients only few patients had graft rejection. Each year more than 100 renal failure patients are dying in our country due to inability of meeting the expenditure of treatment. In our hospital we also give Treatment of stone diseases , Various operations for kidney and ureter without incision ,Treatment for bladder and ureteric cancer , Treatment of congenital anomalies of kidney, renal tract and testis , Reconstructive surgery of urethra , Treatment of Nephrology disorders , Treatment of urinary incontinence As a specialized hospital in renal sector we have commitment to the society. Out of that noble work we are inspired to carry out such activity. So far without financial assistance from any sectors we are carrying the great burden all alone by ourselves. If we receive any assistance from any organizations or any one we hope to spread our activities far and beyond. That's why we aspire to get every ones cooperation.

Managing Director
Best Urologist in Bangladesh
Professor Dr. Md. Kamrul Islam


Center for Kidney Disease & Urology Hospital

Shyamoli Kidney Hospital
Road No. 3, House No. 32
Shyamoli, Dhaka-1207

Mobile: 01777685821, 01777685822
Telephone: 02-48114430, 02-48114570

Managing Director

Professor Dr. Md. Kamrul Islam

FRCS (UK), FCPS (Surg), MS (Urology), Ex Professor (Urology)
Delta Medical College Hospital, Dhaka
Ex Associate Professor
National Institute of Kidney Diseases and Urology

Educational Success

MBBS - Dhaka Medical College, 1990, achieve gold medal acquiring first place
FCPS(Surgery)-BCPS, 1995
MS(Urology) Bongobondhu Shekh Mujib Medical University (Former PG Hospital) 2000
FRCS(Edin,UK) 2003,Gold Medalist 2010 (Contribution for Kidney Transplant)


Specialist Doctors

Specialist Physicians of Urology

1. Professor Dr. Md. Kamrul Islam
FRCS (UK), FCPS (Surg), MS (Urology)
Professor (Urology)
Delta Medical College Hospital, Dhaka

2. Dr. S.M.A. Rahman
MBBS, PhD (Urology), Japan, AST (Japan)
Urologist and Andrologist

3. Dr. Nazim Uddin Arif
MBBS, MS (Urology)
Assistant Professor (Urology)
Uttara Adhunik Medical College and Hospital, Dhaka

4. Dr. Md. Touhid Belal (Tapan)
MBBS, FCPS (Urology)
Specialist Urologist Dhaka Medical College and Hospital

Specialist Physicians of Nephrology

1. Professor Dr. Dilip Kumar Roy MBBS, FCPS (Medicine), MD (Nephrology)
Senior Fellowship in Nephrology (Singapore)
Medicine and Kidney Diseases Specialist

2. Dr. Shireen Afroze MBBS, FCPS (Pediatrics)
MD (Pediatric Nephrology)
Child Health and Child Nephrology Specialist

3. Dr. Rezwanur Rahman
MBBS, MD (Nephrology)
Associate Professor & departmantal head (Nephrology)
Bangladesh Medical College and Hospital

4. Dr. Tanvir Rahman
MBBS, MD (Nephrology),CCD (BIRDEM)
Center for Kidney Diseases and Urology Hospital

Frequently Asked Questions

Various operations for kidney and ureter without incision (through instruments):

Kidney TransplantationThose patents having complete renal failure are the ideal candidates of kidney transplant. Last year 121 patients underwent renal transplantation. We have a success rate of 92% in such procedure.
Stone (PCNL): Without opening the abdomen through incision renal stone can be extracted through a single small hole. Approximately five hundred patients under went such operation last year for stone extraction. Our success rate for such operation is 99%
ESWLThrough crush maneuver and without incising the abdomen renal stones can be extracted by ESWL. The great advantage of such procedure is that patients do not need to stay at hospital. A patient is allowed to go home 2-3 hours after such operation. Last year approximately six hundred patients underwent ESWL. Our success rate for such operation is 92%.
URS and ICPL URS+ICPL are the treatment of choice for extracting ureteric stones. There is no need for patients to remain in hospital over a day. A patient is kept under observation for 3-4 hours. Last year approximately hundred patients underwent such procedure.