About Us

Centre for Kidney Diseases and Urology Hospital is a specialized hospital that deals with both Nephrology and Urology related disorders. It launched it’s journey in 2014. Besides treatment of Urology and Nephrology related disorders there is facilities for doing dialysis and renal transplantation for renal failure patients at reasonably cheap price. Chief Transplant Surgeon performs operation without any honorium 5 times in a week. Total expenditure a patient incurs for renal transplant in our hospital is 2,10,000/- (Operation charge+ Medicine cost +KT ICU charge). It is not only reasonably cheap than any of the corporate hospitals in Bangladesh but also than that of the neighboring countries. We assume that by cutting the cost of transplant expenditure for a patient we are saving 10-15 lac taka. Last year (2021) we performed 184 transplants here at CKDU. We have a success rate of 96% (1st year graft survival rate 96%). Among the 184 transplant patients only few patients had graft rejection. Each year more than 100 renal failure patients are dying in our country due to inability of meeting the expenditure of treatment. In our hospital we also give Treatment of stone diseases , Various operations for kidney and ureter without incision ,Treatment for bladder and ureteric cancer , Treatment of congenital anomalies of kidney, renal tract and testis , Reconstructive surgery of urethra , Treatment of Nephrology disorders , Treatment of urinary incontinence As a specialized hospital in renal sector we have commitment to the society. Out of that noble work we are inspired to carry out such activity. So far without financial assistance from any sectors we are carrying the great burden all alone by ourselves. If we receive any assistance from any organizations or any one we hope to spread our activities far and beyond. That’s why we aspire to get every ones cooperation.

Managing Director
Best Urologist in Bangladesh
Professor Dr. Md. Kamrul Islam