Treatment of stone diseases at this hospital


  • Without opening the abdomen through incision renal stone can be extracted through a single small hole. Approximately five hundred patients under went such operation last year for stone extraction. Our success rate for such operation is 99%.
  • Through crush maneuver and without incising the abdomen renal stones can be extracted by ESWL. The great advantage of such procedure is that patients do not need to stay at hospital. A patient is allowed to go home 2-3 hours after such operation. Last year approximately six hundred patients underwent ESWL. Our success rate for such operation is 92%.
  • URS+ICPL are the treatment of choice for extracting ureteric stones. There is no need for patients to remain in hospital over a day. A patient is kept under observation for 3-4 hours. Last year approximately hundred patients underwent such procedure.
  • Bladder stones can be extracted by Cystolitholapaxy. The great advantage of this operation is patients are kept under supervision for 3-4 hours.
  • Renal Transplantation: Those patents having complete renal failure are the ideal candidates of kidney transplant. Last year 59 patients underwent renal transplantation. We have a success rate of 92% in such procedure.
  • Dialysis: Renal failure patients requiring dialysis can enjoy such procedure at reasonable price. We have 10 bedded separate dialysis units in this hospital, where 4500 patients (approx.) underwent the maneuver last year.
  • CAPD Patients are able to perform their own dialysis at home through this procedure. There is facility for such operation in our hospital.